Plant Liquidation

Location Equipment Name Quantity
Dye House Tanks for Beam Dyeing 5
Dye House Beams for Beam Dyeing 50
Dye House Hydraulic Pumps 2
Dye House Stainless Peroxide Tank 1
Dye House Polypropylene Caustic Tank 1
Dye House Water Storage Tanks 2
Finishing Department Gas Pre-Dryers 2
Finishing Department Large Wet Nip Can Line with Menzel Winder 1
Finishing Department Scray Boxes 2
Finishing Department Morrison Sanforizer 1
Finishing Department Fabric Slitter 1
Finishing Department Calender with Menzel Winder 1
Lab Elmendorf Tear Testers 2
Lab Crock Tester 1
Lab CM Light Shade Lamp and Enclosure 1
Lab Digital Scales 2
Lab pH Tester 1
Lab Hot Plate 1
Lab Shade Lamps 3
TPN Finished Goods Roll-Up Cradle 1
Roll Up Heavy Duty Measure Graph 1
Roll Up Measure Graph Machines 5
Roll Up Inspection Machine with Roll Up 1
Roll Up Bescher Plastic Sealer 1
Roll Up Automated Sealer with Shrink Oven 1
Roll Up Conveyor System to Warehouse 1
Roll Up Menzel Automated Doubler Machines 2
Roll Up Large Inspection Machines 2
Roll Up Menzel Fabric Winder 2
Roll Up Shade Lamp 1
Roll Up Electric Tugger for A-Frames 1
Warehouse Assorted Waste Hoppers 10
Warehouse Burlington Spray Box 1
Warehouse Morrison Wash Box 1
Warehouse Batching Machines with Menzel Winders 2
Warehouse Forklift Safety Cage 1
Warehouse Electric Tugger 1
Warehouse Signoide Strapping Machine with Scale 1
Warehouse Stretch Wrapping Machine 1
Warehouse Floor Scale 1
Warehouse Pallet Jacks 2
Warehouse Metal Carts 4
Boiler Room Cleaver Brooks Boiler 1
Boiler Room Regal Lathe 1
Boiler Room Grinder 2
Boiler Room Pipe Saw 1
Boiler Room Metal Brake 1
Boiler Room Drill Presses 2
Boiler Room Hydraulic Press 1
Boiler Room Power Washer 2
Boiler Room Air Compressor 1
All Locations A-Frames 91
Comp Room Sullair Compressors 2
Storage Shed Electric Scissor Lift 1
Storage Shed Moores Large Rolling Machine 1
Storage Shed Measure Graph Machine 2
Storage Shed Inspection Machines 4
Storage Shed Spreader Bar 1
Storage Shed Nip with Spreader Bar 1
Storage Shed Morrison Wash Box 1
Storage Shed Morrison Button Breaker 1
Storage Shed Cleaver Brooks Spare Boiler 1