(1) Zimmer 24-Color Rotary Screen Printing Machine


This product has been sold.

Type Rotascreen V-EA-ACR
consisting of:
– 72” (1850 mm) printing width
– Mechanical machine speed: 100 yards / minute maximum
– (24) Automatic Color Supply Units with diaphragm pumps type ARO 666-10A-361 with electrically operated level control
– (24) Printing Stations with magnet table
– (24) Screen Tension Units size 1 for repeat 64 cm. (25″) up to 120.6 cm. (47.5″) with height adjustment, including one-step lifting device for color pipe and screen at full tooth engagement
– Screen tensioning, pneumatically operated
– (1) Printing blanket HABASIT, (1) Printing blanket guiding system, (1) Printing blanket tensioning device,  (1) Printing blanket gluing device mounted underneath the machine, (1) Printing blanket washing device with three driven brush rollers, spray pipes, drying off squeegees and water pump
– (1) Thermoplast gluing device with application and removal squeegee
– Stork Take-up system
– (24) Digital screen drives with servo motor and motorized longitudinal repeat adjustment
– Accessory Equipment: 3x Screen Washers, 1x Color-pipe Washer
– with original Zimmer Open Screen Bearing System and Magnet-System “Plus” application technology with individual AC-servo-motor screen drive with electronic synchronized control for each printing station
– 1998 Year
including Zimmer Natural Gas-Heated Dryer – Type TRIII, 74.8” (1900 mm) maximum working width; (10) sections; temperature 150 deg C or 180 deg C; consists of three passages with three times air blowing on to the fabric, or one passage with two times air blowing on to the fabric