(1) Fully Automatic Slitter/Rewinder with E&L Virtual Inspection Machine – 2010 Year

– Fully-automated Erhardt+Leimer inspection system with lane flagging, Slitter, & Duplex rewinder.

– Max working inspection width of 54”.

– Line speed of up to 100 yds/min.

– Unwind/Inspection:

  • Pinnacle Converting Equipment Co. Unwind stand
    • Drop-in Safety chucks for output shaft, fitted with a pneumatic multi-caliper break system. Chucks are set to accept 1.5” square bar shafts. Air bars are included that fit 3” ID fiber cores.
    • Automatic web tension control at the unwind, via an ultrasonic sensor.
    • Accuweb, Inc. Micro1000 automatic edge guide system with ultrasonic sensor for +/- 3.0” correction.
    • Unwind cradle is erected on linear rails + bearings with an electromechanical actuator to work alongside automatic edge-guide system for web alignment.
    • Fore/aft adjustment screws to eliminate slack edge.
    • Full plexi-glass housing and filtered blower providing positive pressure to mitigate dust ingress into the inspection area.
    • Mounted air nozzles for web cleaning at unwind.
  • Four (4) Erhardt+Leimer OL-5250 4K line scan cameras
    • 12 kHz scan frequency with automatic focus, calibration, and chip alignment. 0.19 mm/px resolution on web.
    • Two inspection lines of two cameras each, set at 90 degrees and 62.5 degrees inspection angles.
    • Two (2) 70” Metaphase MetaBright LED line lights, setup for diffuse reflection, specular reflection, and transmission measurement.
    • E+L ELSIS defect inspection, roll mapping, and roll reporting software, run by a linux-based PC.
    • Full integration into flagging system located on rewind stand.
    • Encoder-driven roll mapping and flagger timing.

– Flagger/Slitter/Duplex Rewinder:

  • Pinnacle Converting Equipment Co. 60” Slitter Duplex Rewinder
    • Can accept maximum 26” D, 2500 lbs. rolls on two (2) separate sets of drop-in safety chucks.
    • Two (2) air bars that fit 3” ID fiber cores with 1.5” square bar ends.
    • Seven (7) adjustable individual shear blades mounted on common dovetail bar. Bottom anvil rings.
    • Pneumatic friction clutch to provide adjustable rewind tension. Tension controlled by ultrasonic sensor and I/P regulator.
    • Red Lion G3 touchscreen control and HMI
    • Seven (7) AF-2 web flagging modules with adjustable sliding bases, fully integrated into inspection system with encoder for accuracy.

– Additional:

  • Vestil Steel Gantry Crane at unwind (3-axis movement)
    • 4000 lbs. capacity frame with 2 ton Coffing electric hoist and spreader bar
    • 12’ of track movement on floor
    • Dimensions: 6’ L (wheelbase) x 15’ W (between tracks) x 10’ H
  • Dayton Steel Gantry Crane at rewind (3-axis movement)
    • 2000 lbs. capacity frame with 1 ton Dayton electric hoist and spreader bar
    • 11’ of track movement on floor
    • Dimensions: 5’ L (wheelbase) x 15’ W (between tracks) x 10’ H
  • Quickdraft trim removal system

– Power: 460 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz

– Pneumatic: 90 PSI