(1) Staubli UNIVAL Electronic Jacquard Head

  • JC6 Control
  • 2004 Year
  • 15,360 Hook
  • Total Cords: 14,184

“The UNIVAL 100 electronic jacquard machine controls individually each end of a jacquard
harness – from 5,120 ends up to 20,480 ends – using stepping motors called Jactuators. The need for hooks, knives, magnets and pulleys is eliminated because each harness cord or heddle is attached directly to a Jactuator. Electronic control allows unlimited possibilities for shed formation and free choice of shed opening and motion for each warp thread or groups of warp threads. The UNIVAL 100 is driven independently of the actual weaving machine, but is perfectly synchronized with the loom’s movement. A new JC6 control unit with simple touch-screen operation controls all programming and machine operation.”

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