(1) LKLH Drying and Heat Setting Stenter


This machinery has been sold.

– 2010 year, 2400mm working width
– Automatic fabric centralizing and uncurling
– Bow and skew weft straightener with 6 heads
– Long entry with 2 screw adjustments
– Scroll rollers at entry
– E and L fabric guiders, E and L selvedge un-curlers
– 2 steam units in entry section
– Horizontal pin chain with fabric retaining clips
– Fabric support in entry for delicate fabrics
– Edge gumming and selvedge removal
– 8 drying/heat setting chambers with gas heating
– Easy clean nozzles
– Damper control on each bay
– Inverter drive fans
– Cooling zone, top and bottom,
– Steam chain cleaner,
– Automatic lubrication
– Manual bow and skew at exit,
– Tensionless take off rollers
– Descending arm batch
– Plaiter with oscillating rollers

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