(1) Goller Scouring and Washing Range


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– Model Sintensa; 1999 year
– Purpose: Post print reductive scour of heavy printed full coverage Polyester fabric printed with Disperse dyes.
– Specifications: 2000 mm infeed, 1800 mm working width, with opening & centering device, inline open width roll bed steamer, oxidator washing stand, dual drum, spray type, 5 wash boxes, single pass Model TYPP oxidator Re-wash compartment with spray heads, outfeed nip coater, Corino Model FLC3 centering guide, outfeed dancing and plaiting rolls
– linked with Monforts Tenter Frame, but can be sold separately

Machine Structure and Process Steps:

  1. Printed fabric enters a J-Box with tension control.
  2. Fabric is cold padded with caustic soda and detergent.
  3. Fabric goes through an air dwell chamber capable of holding fabric up to 300 meters. This step allows the print thickener to soften up.
  4. Fabric goes into a wash box with a vacuum slot that removes the heavy sludge.
  5. Fabric goes through a double spray tower which rinses it off at warm temperatures.
  6. Three additional wash boxes with water counter flows to remove additional loose dye at warm temperatures.
  7. Fabric enters a dwell chamber with 10 compartments and a capacity up to 300 meters. This chamber has a reductive solution with Thiourea dioxide, caustic soda, and detergent at high temperatures of 90 degrees C. The purpose of this step is to destroy all Disperse dye molecules that are not set inside the Polyester fibers.
  8. There is a single spray tower to rinse off the strong reductive solution from the fabric.
  9. There are two additional counter flow wash boxes to neutralize the high PH fabric.
  10. Fabric goes through heavy-duty squeeze rolls to mechanically remove as much water as possible.
  11. Fabric goes through a pad normally with nap assist solution, and squeeze rolls that leave about 15% pick-up differential.
  12. Finally, fabric enters a 10-zone Monforts Pin Chain Tenter Frame that is capable of providing overfeed and exiting with the correct fabric width.


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